Seek Expert Advice

Seek Expert Advice

Expert help is available

I read an interesting article recently in Domain talking about the tough lending landscape, the increasing difficulties around securing a loan and a reminder to always seek expert advice.

There is no question that the challenges and pressures of COVID19 have impacted some industries and professions more severely than others. However, I felt disheartened reading this article and found myself waiting for the ‘but’ or the offer of help.

Our philosophy at Inline Partners has always been to work with our clients to navigate their problems and challenges, from every angle, to find the best solution for them and their business.

We specialise in Accounting Services, Tax Advisory and Bookkeeping services. However, we work closely with a team of specialists who we ‘call in’, as needed, to ensure we can offer our clients assistance in a broad range of other areas – including Mortgage Broking.


Seek Expert Advice

I  asked Bill Ryan, of Ryan Home Loans to provide his insight on the same article. Bill’s approach, like ours, is about offering specialist help and guidance so clients can have all the information they need to make the best possible decision.  Bill’s expert advice is simple – help is available.

‘With more than 60% of mortgages in Australia being written by Mortgage Brokers, it makes complete sense for potential borrowers to take advantage of this free and highly professional service to obtain the right solution for their individual circumstances’.

‘Mortgage Brokers typically have access to more than 25 lenders on their panel and with their specialised knowledge and experience, should be the number one avenue for borrowers. As mentioned in the above article, Mortgage Brokers can quickly find a range of suitable lenders, allowing borrowers to make an informed decision without the legwork’.

Explore the Options

Bill Ryan is one or Australia’s most experienced Mortgage Brokers with more than 30 years in the Finance Industry. Bill worked in banking for more than 13 years specialising in home loan lending prior to commencing his own mortgage broking business in 1998. He is passionate about helping clients achieve the best possible solution when borrowing for their new home, investment property or simply refinancing to obtain a better deal.

Make sure you work with specialists and experts. Explore every option before assuming that your dream will have to wait.

Bill would be more than happy to assist in any way he can so please make contact and see how he can help.

e: ; p: 0400 996655

Learn more about Inline Partners and their array of accounting services, tax advisory and bookkeeping service via their website here:

Alternatively, if you prefer, reach out for a chat to see how we can support you.

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