Hiring The Right Staff For Your Small Business

Hiring The Right Staff For Your Small Business

As a small business owner, to hire the right staff for your business is absolutely imperative to your success. That said, it’s become a bit of a headache for business owners to go through the process of finding and retaining great staff. In this post, we’ll look at a few strategies and tips for hiring and keeping good staff members in your small business. And this means activating your payroll services for the new staff you onboard.

Understand Your Culture

To start with, you need to look inwards at your business and current employees. 

When you’re looking at recruitment, don’t just focus on potential employees, but on the branding and culture of your own business. What type of employees are you looking to attract and who would be a great fit? Make sure that you are screening out employees who might be a bad fit, and marketing to the right group of potential staff members. 

Be a desirable place to work, and you’re more likely to attract high quality applicants who are looking for a more long-term employment with a sustainable and growing business. 

Strategic Recruitment

Recruitment can be challenging at the best of times, but one area that small businesses really need to focus on is on creating a people focused strategy.

Skills are important but finding people with the right set of values for your business is even more vital. Additionally, it is important to learn the culture of your own workplace and focus on creating rapport with your employees.

This way, you can be proactive in your hiring, instead of reactive. Essentially, if you have developed a good level of communication with your employees, you can become aware of any potential problems, or people planning to leave the business. As such, you’ll be able to plan accordingly by finding the best replacement person, instead of just rushing to fill an unexpected vacancy.

Of course, this isn’t always going to be feasible (sometimes even the best employees leave unexpectedly!), but it’s important that you focus on this method whenever possible.

Upskilling and Staff Training

An important part of recruitment and retention is upskilling your staff. Employees like to have opportunities to improve their skills and grow within the business. This increases engagement and commitment, as well as productivity. 

It’s important to focus not just on proper orientation, but on extensive and continued support. This support will allow better integration into business culture. It will also allow for an improved training experience, resulting in better skilled employees who are better able to perform their tasks.

While you will be paying more for training, the reduction in turn-over and the associated costs will be well worth it. Also, it will cause you, as a business owner, a lot less stress!

Payroll Services

Once you’ve found a great team of people, make sure that you don’t lose them! One way to make sure you keep your team, is by ensuring that you pay them on a regular basis and pay them on time! When it comes to this side of your business, it is usually best to employ a professional, so that you can focus on growing your team. Remember, the best approach is a proactive one, not a reactive one!

Recruitment can be hard and finding the right staff for your business can be an ongoing challenge, especially for the small business owner. However, through clear strategy, effective branding and upskilling your team, you can build a strong business foundation.

What challenges have you come across when looking for staff members? If you need any help or guidance with the recruitment process, or managing your payroll services, don’t hesitate to book in a consultation with us here at Inline, so that we can help you manage your business processes and finance more effectively.

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