Manage your business better with a vCFO

Manage your business better with a vCFO

Your business accounts – profit, cashflow, budget, balance sheet and other reports – are a snapshot of your business. That snapshot should give you the tools to understand what is happening, where it’s not working, and what you need to do. That isn’t always what happens. Getting the most out of your financial information is where a vCFO can help.

Sometimes accounts are structured in ways that make it difficult to understand. Sometimes you don’t have usable reports on the most important parts of the business. And sometimes, because you’re not an accountant, it’s not clear what action you should take based on the numbers in front of you.

You can’t be everything to everyone in your business. If you’re struggling to setup your systems to give you what you need, or to understand or turn a report into actions in your business, you can get ongoing expert advice quite easily.

Power Up with a vCFO

A vCFO is a contract external adviser with the expertise and experience of a Chief Financial Officer. That gives you access to the skills and experience usually restricted to bigger businesses at a fraction of the cost.

It means you can easily get help to:

  • design your accounts and reports specifically for your business so they give you what you need
  • analyse profit, cashflow and budgets to pull out the most important information
  • interpret reports and analysis to guide your decisions and actions in your business
  • slim down reports into Key Performance Indicators
  • understand the nitty-gritty of important areas of your business like inventory management, projects, product lines and employee performance
  • move from the day-to-day, to planning for growth.

All these things maximise your chance of long term business success. Rather than struggling with financial setup and interpretation, you can get the information you need to focus on providing products and services, and making sales.

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