Business Accountant: What Business Owners Really Need

Business Accountant: What Business Owners Really Need

You don’t really need a business accountant, and I will tell you why. You need so much more…

Why Did You Go Into Business?

Business isn’t always easy. You start with great intentions, plus hopes of making a difference, and making a living. Most people don’t go into business to become billionaires, and nobody goes into business to become bankrupt. But at some point in the business journey you’ve probably found yourself trying to remember why you started in the first place.

Waking up at all hours of the morning isn’t aways because you’re feeling motivated and inspired. Poor sleep is also a sign that something isn’t right. At some point you might find yourself wide awake, pouring over your financial information and your sales data, scrutinising staff timesheets and trying to find the missing piece of the puzzle.

It’s nearly time for payroll again, and you’re anxiously checking your bank account for customer payments, and frantically sending invoices you forgot to send, checking the sales register for someone you can make a reminder call to.

As you go through the month you’re waiting for a new prospect to call back, or for your website to start generating leads. You keep yourself busy looking for new business, and promoting yourself every chance you can get. And you’re making sales, heading towards your income targets. You push harder, and harder. And you hit your income goal just a few days short of the end of month, and with a sigh of relief you decide to reward yourself with a day off the next day.

Have You Woken Up On Entrepreneurial Groundhog Day?

After enjoying your day off, you go back to work and realise it’s the new month. Bills are due, staff need to be paid. It’s all come in and it’s all gone out again. You scratch your head, and check your profit and loss statement. It says you made a profit, but again there’s no money in the bank. And you’re back to zero with your sales targets. Time to do it all again. You’re so busy trying to close deals and getting behind in client work. Your existing clients are starting to ask questions and complain about delays.

You wonder how much longer you can keep going. But you know you can’t quit because you have a vision in your heart, and a family to provide for. You don’t want to let your loved ones or your clients down, and most of all, yourself.

So you pick yourself back up, and you get back on the phone and call the next opportunity. And in the back of your mind you’re thinking “Who can I trust? Who can help my business? Who can help me diagnose where I’m going wrong? Who with actually help me instead of promising the world, taking my money and delivering little value? I’m there for everyone else. Who is there for me?”

We know how you feel.

We’ve been there too because we’re business owners just like you.

Many people come to their business accountant for advice, and get little more than a bit of tax planning and a big invoice. Often their  accountant is too busy to really spend the time to understand. We actually know how you feel. And that’s why we are so committed to our clients; because once we were walking in their shoes.

Your Business Accountant Needs More Thank Head-Knowledge

We learned from our accounting text books, back at uni, and studying to become Chartered Accounts. We learned how to calculate ratios and formulas, at the time they didn’t mean much more than ‘homework’. Many bookkeepers and business accountants don’t understand how to apply their head-knowledge into real life business results. We learned how to do it. Not in a textbook, but because we’re business owners just like you. We’ve been in your shoes and we know the way.

Business Accountants With Big Hearts

We realised many years ago that unless you can use those numbers to help to make a difference in the lives of others, they are meaningless. Inline Partners was created for the purpose of bringing deeper meaning into your business.

We’d love to speak to you about your business vision, to bring your finances in line with you goals and help you remember why you started in the first place. And we’d also love to help you keep more of that money you worked so hard to earn. Join us and find that business accountant you’ve been searching for.

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